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Cluj Highlights

Why is Cluj mentioned in XVth century documents as the "treasure town"?

How can one decipher life in former times, how can one deal with the architectural heritage of the city ?

Which are the oldest streets, what stylistic epochs are reflected in the building and decoration of the churches and lay monuments ?

St. Michael Church
Gothic art has long manifested an ongoing fascination on the viewer and Transylvania, as frontier space towards the Orient, hosts several monuments which are relevant in this sense. In Cluj, one cannot miss houses and churches build in the technical and decorative Gothic spirit, such as St. Michael Church, The Reformat Church or The Franciscan Monastery.

On the other hand, the Baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries beautifies some of the already built edifices or totally impregnates the conception of the following ones. The Bánffy Palace, The Franciscan Church or The Piarist Church are just a few examples.

Additionally, since the defensive dimension dominated for a long time life in Cluj, one cannot pass indifferently by the Tailors’ Tower, recently restored, but nevertheless part of a dramatic history.

CLUJ HIGHLIGHTS tour includes an enjoyable walk from the oldest part of the city to the main squares with the old churches and monuments and culminating with the Tailors’ Tour.
The time you need for taking this tour is of about 1h 30′.

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