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What is the relationship between the urban development and the multicultural reality of Cluj, from the economic-religious-political triad’s perspective?

How is Cluj inserted in the historical and imaginary context of Central Europe, both in old and modern times?

What kind of dialogue has been created between the medieval past, the Habsburg period and the modern history of the city?

CLUJ DELUXE tour integrates the previously described tour (CLUJ HIGHLIGHTS) which is further enriched with the inclusion of several other streets and buildings against the background of relevant historical episodes. In the central area around Unirii Square, one finds also Rhédey Palace, Jósika Palace and Teleki Palace, embracing the late-Baroque, neoclassical and eclectic styles.
Close to Bánffy Palace, we walk on the Iuliu Maniu Street, famous for its ”mirror” styling of a few splendid eclectic edifices. At the end of this street, we shortly reach The Orthodox Cathedral , typical for the identity-driven architectural searches in the third decade of 20th century.

The building housing The National Theater and The Romanian Opera represents an essential part of the Avram Iancu Square, whose monumental side edifices show the urban development reached by Cluj starting with the end of the 19th century.
The tour brings further into focus neogothic and Secession architecture, as seen in buildings such as Elian Palace, Berde Palace or Széki Palace in the proximity of river Somesul Mic. By contrast to Budapest or Vienna, Cluj presents only a limited number of buildings whose styles are so deeply connected to the modern Central European identity.

Cetățuia represents the first Vauban-built fortress in Transylvania, dating back to the Habsburg times. Initially raised in order to ensure control over Transylvania, it was used later as a prison, in the context of the 1848 Revolution. During the ‘70s of the 20th century, Belvedere hotel was built here too.

All in all, the tour adds in-depth information on the cultural and historical development of the city, appealing to those with a taste for detail and interest in the Transylvanian civilization. Besides the medieval, Baroque and modern attractions, it sheds light on the complex dynamics between mentality and representation in the public space.
CLUJ DELUXE tour takes about 2h 30’ – including a coffee break.

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