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What is hidden behind a portrait? How ”realist” a landscape or an historical scene is in a painting?

What is the significance of pictorial style and how does it relate to the ideas of an epoch?

How does a medieval pharmaceutic laboratory look like?

Often a visit inside an art museum may turn into an overwhelming experience, since maybe the displayed paintings and sculptures seem to keep inaccessible for the viewer their enigmatic content. In this sense, CLUJ ART & CURIOSITY tour is designed to cover the visitor’s need for decoding and capturing the mystery of the artwork.

The present collection of the Cluj Museum of Art is housed in the chambers of The Bánffy Palace, the former residence of Transylvania’s governor György Bánffy at the end of the 18th century. Valuable pieces of Transylvanian and modern Romanian art display chronologically four centuries of artistic production.

Taking a 5-minute walk from the Museum of Art we reach the absolutely unique space of The Collection of History of Pharmacy. The unique decoration, the authentic pharmaceutic furniture, the multitude of recipients and glasses, the real mummy-made powder – just a few of the attractions inside the oldest pharmacy in Cluj.

CLUJ ART&CURIOSITY tour is perfect for times when walking seems less tempting (such as rainy days) when we can step inside some lovely museums (The Collection of Pharmacy, Museum of Art) and enjoy the magical atmosphere around paintings and other curiosities.
The time you need for taking this tour is of about 1h 30′.

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