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About us

Discover Cluj… in 90 minutes aims to introduce the city of Cluj to as many foreign travellers and visitors as possible, in an equally friendly, inspired and responsible way!

Whether being on your own or part of a group spending a shorter time in the city, we gladly invite you to discover the most splendid and authentic sights of Cluj, by choosing one or all types of tours that we provide. Cluj Highlights, Cluj Deluxe and Cluj Art & Curiosity are designed to include enjoyable walks of variable duration around the most attractive spots of the city; we also step inside a few lovely museums to feel the magical atmosphere around paintings or old scientific curiosities.

The walking tours provoke the visitors with their old streets and enigmatic monuments, whose histories are unveiled through the lively discourse of the guide. We hope for boredom to be erased as a concept during the time you spend with us!

If getting to know more about this Transylvanian city in terms of history, art, urban and human development is appealing to you, then our tour offer is ready to bring some fun and knowledge during your stay in Cluj.

We cordially invite you to have a look on our tour descriptions and let us know about your wish!

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